11.06 – 20.07.2020

Under this project title five female artists from China, France and Germany have come together for an exhibition. Corona first thwarted our international art project planned for September 2020 – and now makes sure that we think bigger than before! The catalogue presentation will take place in September 2020 in Berlin-Mitte. In Peter Lindenberg’s Kunstraum F 200, the artists living in Germany will show their works.
2021 we are then planning another, a joint exhibition. This is another reason why the catalogue is very important to us. Paris lends itself as an exhibition venue, as the Centre George Pompidou will be showing a large retrospective on women in abstract art next year – but only with works up to the 1980s of the 20th century. We offer the necessary contemporary complement to this.
“Abstractionists” now sees itself as a long-term project. It is planned to develop further joint projects beyond 2021.

 We would like to appeal to …

you, who do not put coffee-table books on your table just for decoration.
You, who like to leaf through the catalogue and read it after visiting an exhibition in order to have a fresh look at the works and positions you have seen.
You, who consider an association of women artists important and worthy of support. You, who love art and think that art is an important aspect of social life. 
You, who are curious about contemporary positions in abstract art.
You, who would like to visit our first joint exhibition in September.

… to support this project and thank you for your help!

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