Berlin | Nuvuti(S) | Wander Atelier | 03.06. – 25.06. 2022

« Nuvuti(S) » 

Solo show – 03.06.2022 – 25.06.2022

Opening 02.06.2022  19-21h00
 Nuvuti(S) are a sublimated version of nature. They are a dreamlike vision of our planet from the point of view of sensations: the whispering of the wind in a poplar tree, the folds of ice, the infinite swirling of water, the shimmering of the sun on the water, a search for emotion rather than figuration. The chromatic approach remains almost systematically monochromatic in a minimalist search, a return to the essential in the intention as in the practice. The use of a Plexiglas support produces a plasticity that is close to photography, giving an unreal aspect to these « instant paintings ».

The Nuvuti(S) have a universal dimension as the scale is lost. They could be either a very large plane or a microscopic vision of a cell. They are both. They are intended to be a reconciled, calmed version of the link between man and nature. The Nuvuti(S) are the waterthat flows in our veins, the water that flows in our rivers. We, like our planet,are almost three quarters water, we are each other.      

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