Berlin | Zeitenwende | Contemporary showroom | 27.04. – 21.05.2023

With the exhibition « ZEITENWENDE – Art and Society », DEEDS LAB gUG presents relevant contemporary art at special, temporary exhibition venues in Berlin.

The exhibition ZEITENWENDE is intended as an annual periodical and presents in its pilot works of art of all genres by international artists, regardless of origin, age or gender, on social, cultural and artistic turns of the new millennium. The approved genres are Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Collage, Photography, Urban Contemporary, Film + Video, Performance, Object, Installation, Digital Art, Mixed Media, Glass, Light, Sound, Kinetics, Textile in the styles Abstract, Figurative, Realistic, Constructivist, Hyperrealistic, Calligraphic, Pointilistic, Landscape, Surrealistic and Gestural.