Berlin | Jenseits der Worte | 18.02. – 31.03.2023

18 février – 31 mars 2023

Jenseits der Worte

Cliquez sur l’image pour une Visite 3D de l’exposition

Süheyla Asçı, Jeanne Fredac, Cécile Luherne


Friday, 17 February

at 7pm

Musical accompaniment:

Anne-Christin Schwarz/ Violoncello

Hartmut Walter/ double bass

Süheyla Asçi

The artist herself sees essential elements of her art in colour and spontaneity. She begins a painting without a catalogue of themes and without a fixed end goal. The moment is important! Ideas and conceptions during the painting process are spontaneously « saved » onto the canvas. She loves the search during the working process, which can be described in Turkish as « Dogaclama ». The search is more important than the finished painting.

Jeanne Fredac

Jeanne Fredac reveals to us the world of Nuvuti(S), a reconciled, calmed version of the connection between man and nature. The series of paintings are landscapes bordering on abstraction, paradoxically expressing man as much as nature. Her paintings bridge the gap between art and science, between reality and perception, between representationalism and abstraction.

Cécile Luherne

For Cécile Luherne, painting is an emotional exchange. She uses colour to arouse affects and appeals to the senses as in poetry or music. Spontaneity plays an active role in her creative process. She describes her paintings as offspring of the formless magma that makes up her sensory and intellectual experiences and sensibility.

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