A stamp for Rosa



Eine Briefmarke für Rosa  – ein neues Projekt von Jeanne Fredac

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the women’s vote in Germany and the hundredth anniversary of the death of Rosa Luxemburg, the idea came to me of making a stamp, a pop art portrait of Rosa Luxemburg. Too often, women have been and are excluded from the official story. Rosa Luxemburg is a courageous and impressive thinker who should have a place in history. Live free, for a woman in 2019 is still an everyday struggle. How much courage did it take a hundred years ago to interfere in politics, and to choose free love rather than marriage? The free and brave male characters are in this society worn to the skies. Why should not women have the same visibility? This stamp is a tribute to Rosa Luxemburg and women in general.

To finance this project, I chose the form of crowdfunding, for its participative form. How much are we to see this injustice done to women? How many stamps can we produce? Can we influence things and try to give women the recognition they deserve?

You can support this project by ordering stamps.

These postage stamps produced by Deutsche post are official and with a postal value of 0,80 €, price of a letter from 01.07.2019 in Germany


Crowfunding is performed on the Startnext platform. Donors pre-order the stamps and are charged the amount of their order.

If the goal is achieved, the project is realized. In this case, at least 4000 stamps will be produced. Donors will receive stamps at home.

If the goal is not achieved, the donors are reimbursed in full.