Berlin | Abstractionistinnen | Kunstraum F200 | 2020


Jeanne Fredac, Beate Köhne, Simone Kornfeld, Ina Lindemann, Wan Qiong

4. September – 15. October 2020

Abstractionistinnen auf den Weg nach Berlin © Jeanne-Fredac, Adagp, Paris 2020

ABSTRACTIONistinnen is a new term and a statement from five internationally active female artists. The publication with texts by Simone Ewald and Louis Doucet regards itself as an answer to art history, much of which remains unwritten.

Art is always also abstraction, all over the world. From the abstraction of the last century’s avant-garde through the various currents of Abstractionism in the 1950s, a broad arc can be drawn through archaic, Oriental, and African art as far as the universal, geometrical abstraction of our present. But one thing is certain: all the currents of abstract art offer expanded possibilities of perception and interpretation, and the events on canvas assert a reality of their own.

Now as ever, female artists are less frequently visible in public and private collections. This can be historically explained, but why does the shortcoming of deficient visibility continue in contemporary positions?

These female artists from China, France, and Germany have devoted themselves to nonrepresentational art and show such works during the ARTWEEK in Peter Lindenberg’s Art Space F 200. The Abstractionessesenvision themselves as a long-term project. They plan to develop further joint projects beyond 2020.

Haikus, Jeanne Fredac, Adagp, Paris 2020.


Press release, Catalogue of the exhibition »Abstractionistinnen« at Kunstraum F200.