Berlin | 26 October – 26 November 2016


Im Rahmen der Monat der Fotografie off Berlin 2016


by Jeanne Fredac

le fil qui chante

Opening Wednesday 26 October at 7 Pm

We are in a world of travel.
It’s usual and normal to use the plane, to travel by bus, train several times a year, so that immobility is almost suspicious. We move from a city to the other, from land to land, from sea to sea, from objects to see to objects to discover. We collect pictures, films and accept the fact that we often lose our memory; because we have a mobile phone, and the wrong idea that this can replaced the other. The pictures have neither an introduction, nor a development, or a conclusion. They are just beginning and ending. They say: I was there, they show: so it is. Disconnected, they lose their story and history, geography, they lose their real status to become fictions. They survive the passed moment
and develop their own way. They are what we decided to keep in life.

Wander Atelier| Falckensteinstr.45 | 10997 Berlin

Mo & Di 12 – 14:30 | Mi 12 – 18:00 Do & Fr 12 – 19:00 | Sa 13 – 18:00

U Bahn und Bahn : U1 Schlesisches Tor • S + U Warschauer Str.



Köln | 23 – 25 September 2016

The associations 68elf e.V. and Odonien present as part of the  PHOTOKINA 2016

Human’s Spaces

A human without space is not conceivable. The first space a belly, then maybe the incubator, the cot, there are many spaces in someone’s whole life , private rooms, public rooms, imaginated rooms, in the end the coffin or the urn. Humans create and limit rooms. Everything you live and experience, also the imagination, always deals with space. Space is a basic physical as well as a philosophical category.

What’s special about this year’s exhibition? The chosen works are going to be presented as a projector presentation. It will take place at an art area called “Odonien”, the well-known place of event created by the artist Odo Rumpf. We will be able to project the works on two or even three big screens, located in the extraordinary scene of civilization trash, rust sculptures an carwracks – it is itself a very special place.

The exhibition “Human’s Spaces“ is the third project of the art association 68elf, Cologne that is based on a discussion with Edward Steichen’s exhibition project “The Family of Man“. Steichens understanding of humanism and his attempt to perform an overall view of the human existence with photography is the intellectual background of our concept.

The event is part of the “International Photoscene 2016” which takes place at the same time as “photokina” and it will be advertised in their catalogue (analogue and digital) and on their website.

vernissage Friday 23 September 2016

Human’s Spaces


Odonien| Hornstr. 85 | 50823 Köln – Ehrenfeld

Friday – Sunday 19h – 22h


Bremerhaven |12 March – 15 April 2016

Bremerhaven |12 March – 15 April 2016

Galerie 149   

„Contemporary Ruins“ Germany 2005-2015

analog Photography by  Jeanne Fredac 

Vernissage Saturday 12 March 18h00

Attrappe, 2011

Galerie 149 

Alte Bürger Bgm-Smidt-Str.149 | 27568 Bremerhaven

Tel. 0471 – 41 46 39

Opening Times: Tuesday to Friday 13:00 bis 18:00 Uhr

free entrance