Jeanne Fredac.  Born in March, 1970 in Treves (Trier), Germany.

Photographer, visual artist, autodidact.

Jeanne Fredac is a wanderer.  She is self-taught and follows no preset path, in fact she knows no such path.  Instead she tries, plays, experiments in response to what she encounters along the way.  Her photographs, paintings, videos and texts explore man’s relationship to his geographical, historical and social spaces.  In a world consumed by the relentless quest for answers, regardless of the questions’ relevance and the presuppositions’ accuracy, she wants to get rid of anything that is a given.  And she follows that rule herself, refusing to stay put, to remain within the confines of the work for which she is best known: her photographs of abandoned places.  Her art, which was originally almost exclusively photography- and text-based, and rooted in an intimate sense of place, is moving outside those borders, adding painting and objects to its cosmogony.  It is also becoming more conceptual and taking new roots in a critique of the obvious.  Her work has been exhibited in France, Germany, Italy, the USA and Denmark.

Member of GEDOK –
Gemeinschaft Deutscher und Oesterreichischer Künstlerinnenvereine
Member of BBK –Berufsverband Bildender Künstler*innen berlin


· Rückblicke,Text und Bild 1919-2019, Galerie du Gedok Berlin
· Minarturen, Galerie du Gedok Berlin
· Institut Français de Berlin- solo exhibition
· Druckwerkstatt, Kunstquartier Bethanien,  Berlin
· Osthaus Museum, Hagen
· Wander Atelier, Europäischer Monat Der Fotografie Berlin, Berlin- solo exhibition
· Institut Français de Naples- solo exhibition
· Goethe Institut Naples- solo exhibition
· Cervantés Institut Naples- solo exhibition
. Kunstverein Achim, Achim –  03 au 27 September 2017- solo exhibition
. Macparis automne – 14 au 19 November 2017 Bastille Design Center
· Month of Photography off, Berlin- solo exhibition
· Human’s space, Photokina Cologne
· Kunstverein Bayreuth e.V.- solo exhibition
· Galerie 149, Bremerhaven- solo exhibition
· KünstlerHaus Dortmund
· Fotogalerie Friedrichshain Berlin
· Institut Français, Goethe-Institut Palerme- solo exhibition
· BerlinerListe 2015, Berlin
· Art´pu:l art fair.,Pulheim
· Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen
· Palermo Biennale, Sicily- solo exhibition
· Slide show exhibition at SCOPE Art Show, Miami
· Art fair women Museum, Bonn
· Contemporary Ruins in the 6TH European Month of Photography Berlin- solo exhibition
· Admission by the jury to the Berufsverband Bildender Künstler Berlin
· Contemporary Ruins Exhibition Spirit of Art Moya – Museum of Young Art Vienne, award by the Jury
· Nuit de la photographie contemporaine, Paris
· Gaswerk, Hamburg
· MuseumsFest Frankfurt
· Fotobiennale, Litauen
· CopenhagenPhotoFestival, Copenhagen
· Les trois baudets, Paris- solo exhibition
· Galerie Konvex 99, Chemnitz- solo exhibition
· KulturBrauerei, Berlin
· Prater Insel, München
· Altonale, Hamburg
· Berlin KulturBrauerei
· European Month of Photography, Berlin- solo exhibition
· Regart contemporary art center, Quebec- solo exhibition
· Art Essenz Sony center, Berlin
· Box off Berlin- solo exhibition
· Kanzleiräumen der Rechtsanwälte Oberer Janning Rickes und Raabe, Berlin- solo exhibition
· French Cultural Center in Bratislava, Slovakia- solo exhibition
· KUNST! Kolonie Wedding Berlin
· Galerie Nehring und Stern, Berlin · Interview with the Tv channel TVB
· Exhibition L’occhio della seppia, seppia –  in the street of Neapels, Italy- solo exhibition
· Center of Italian language and culture, Paris- solo exhibition


· Goethe Institut Naples
· Institut français de Naples
· Osthaus Museum, in Architektur der Erinnerung von Sigrid Sigurdsson, Hagen
· Private collections France, Germany, Danemark